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IMS provides products and services customers have come to trust since 1949

A. Reynolds "Ren" Morse founded IMS Company in 1949 in Cleveland, OH, and the Company is still owned by the Morse family today. A plastics industry pioneer, Mr. Morse recognized the need for a supplier of specialty products and engineered solutions to meet the growing needs of what was then a blossoming industry. The Original IMS catalog, all 41 single-sided pages of it, was distributed to the industry in 1950. Now in its 44th edition with nearly 1,300 pages, the IMS Industrial Molding Supplies catalog is the original and most comprehensive resource serving the entire plastics industry.

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Manufactured seals and gaskets | Gland packing | PTFE products | Plastic technologies | Industrial textiles | Bellows, compensators and flexible connections | Rubber sheets, gaskets, mouldings and extrusions | Corrugated gaskets and glass lined vessels | Mechanical seals | O Rings | Boiler spares | Allied products