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J A Harrison stock a wide range of rubber gasket materials

Rubber gasket materials are good choices for applications where pressures and temperatures are in an average range and chemical environments are mild. Most materials handle pressures up to 150 psi and temperatures from ‐60 ˚C up to 200 ˚C (dependent on grade). It is important to note that in case of rubber and PVC gasket materials, the pressure and temperature ratings do not change much with significant changes in thickness. Silicone and Viton are two variants that can handle high temperatures of 200 ˚C.

We stock rubber material of various thicknesses which can be easily converted to suit your requirements. Three popular types of rubber materials are Ethylene propene (EPDM), Nitrile (NBR) and Neoprene (CR). All are resistant to common dilute acids and alkalis. Ethylene Propene (EPDM) has good mechanical properties and is resistant to ageing, weathering, ozone, oxygen, steam and water. It is suitable for use with phosphate ester-based hydraulic fluids and many mineral acids but is not suitable for use with petroleum based oils or fluids.

We only hold WRAS approved EPDM which is suitable for use with potable water. Nitrile (NBR) is used in applications that have oil or petroleum residues. However, it can only be used for temperatures up to 80 ˚C. Neoprene (CR) is a good general purpose material for rubber gaskets recommended for use in less demanding situations with air, water, non-oxidising acid and aliphatic hydrocarbons where extra resistance to heat, ozone or weathering is required.

Basic rubber gaskets can be enhanced by using fillers such as cloth. This gives the rubber better recovery and more endurance. Rubbers with cloth inserts can handle movements and higher compression. The cloth gives support to the rubber during periods of extra stress and variable pressure. Rubber can be sensitive to excessive or prolonged pressure resulting in permanent deformation. Whichever grade of rubber you require for your rubber gaskets, J A Harrison products provide the most productive results. Our wide reach into the industry means you can find all your rubber needs with us. Please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements.