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J A Harrison operates and maintains the industry’s most rigorous health and safety policies within its facilities. The strong commitment to quality has always been linked to customer demands, and these demands have been the consistent driving force behind all the strategic planning and achievements so far. By nature, the quality of all gaskets and seals have a strong link to safety and performance.

The objective continues to be both the identification and delivery of those customer requirements, and the total fulfilment of stringent quality standards
– further enforced by our ISO Certifications, membership of many trade associations and additionally required industry specific Quality Standards.

Current Accreditations include ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2018
and OHSAS 18001.

In line with J A Harrison’s commitment to excellence, we are currently working towards many other best in class Quality Standards.

Quality certificates

J A Harrison – World Class Supplier of:

Manufactured seals and gaskets | Gland packing | PTFE products | Plastic technologies | Industrial textiles | Bellows, compensators and flexible connections | Rubber sheets, gaskets, mouldings and extrusions | Corrugated gaskets and glass lined vessels | Mechanical seals | O Rings | Boiler spares | Allied products

Brands include:

3m  |  Aalco  |  Amorim  |  Donit  |  DuPont  |  Flexitallic  |  Flontech  |  Frenzelit  |  Gambit  |  Garlock  |  Gland Packing  |  Guarniflon  |  Gore  |  Graphite  |  IMS |  James Walker  |  Johns Manville  |  Klinger  |  KWO  |  Lamons  |  Multitex  |  Novus  |  Phoenix  |  Plastim  |  PTFE Compounds  |  Rubber  |  Scandura  |  SGL Group  |  Teadit  |  The Plastic Group  |  Tiflex  |  Victor Reinz